Wisdom Insights

Leaders are time-starved and unable to offer scalable mentorship.

As a result, best ideas and practices seldom reach emerging and developing leaders. Our films capture wisdom from your leaders and allow you to transfer ideas and best practices throughout your organization at scale.


Our 1-3 minute films capture wisdom from your respected leaders to transfer throughout your organization. We have interviewed and extracted lessons from leading global executives, astronauts, diplomats and emerging entrepreneurs around the world.  Our reputation to connect and create stories stands alone.

Philosophy / Process

Our team uses a unique deconstruction + reconstruction storytelling method to unlock significant and relevant stories applicable to organization values.  Applying a storytelling construction framework and behavior change workflow, we deliver beautifully packaged 1-3 minute stories designed to deliver impact.


Wisdom capture delivers an all-inclusive solution for capturing films and creating distribution paths that can integrate into existing platforms or be provided via a standalone platform.

Wisdom Visibility - 1-3 minute executive films
Wisdom Collaboration - Digital tools accelerating values and behavior adoption
Wisdom Analytics - Real-time EQ analytics on behaviors and sentiment

Research shows...

68 percent of people want to hear their leaders' personal success stories and 73 percent of people want to know about the obstacles their leaders have overcome. Yet, very few leaders transfer their wisdom to top and emerging talent.

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